Providing Pet Care services to the Gwinnett County area of Metropolitan Atlanta  

At Paw Planet Pet Sitters - Tails, and paws make a world of difference.

Welcome to Paw Planet Pet Sitter the place where your pet can enjoy a large range of services to meet their needs and your peace of mind.  Paw Planet is a vision that continuously transforms into an awesome place for your pet to enjoy life. We do this by meeting their needs and your expectations. 

With the range of services that we offer, our goal is to meet the needs of both you and your pet.

Many of us are committed to a profession that requires us to spend more time working and less time with our pets.  Other circumstances, like going on business trips or family vacations or just plain running errands keeps us away from our pets as well. With that said the owners and staff of Paw Planet Pet Sitters want to provide the services necessary for your pet to have a day filled with fun, play and activities. Not just sitting at home in a crate or roaming the house alone.  Allowing our staff to fill these demands will guarantee that your pooch will come home a healthy, happy and safe pooch.

    Our Services     Our Partnerships  

We offer a wide variety of services for you and your pets. There is something for every type of pet to keep them entertained, happy and safe. Our services are designed to work with pets that are active as well as the not so active pet. We will spend time with you to create a service that fit the needs of your pets.

The process begins with an interview with you and your pet in your home. During this interview process we will discuss your needs and expectations, spend time evaluating your pets' demeanor and bonding with your pet. The next step in the process is that all necessary paperwork and will be reviewed and signed. Then we will gather a copy of any keys, and code to enter your home. At this time an entry process test will be conducted with the pet owner present. Finally, we will review a schedule that is acceptable to both you and the Paw Planet Pet Sitters Staff.

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The staff at Paw Planet Pet Sitters has formed relationships with several organizations. We've found that having relationships with others in the pet care industry helps to build our knowledge and expertise. In addition, some of these relationships provide additional training to the professional pet sitter, which in turn, allows our staff to provide the highest quality pet care to you and your pet. Our staff has current training in Pet CPR and first aid which allows us to be prepared in the event of an emergency.